About Research Group

About Research Group
The central focus of our research program is to advance the fundamental chemistries and applications of sustainable biomass resources that are abundant, inexpensive, and non-food based into commercial polymers with properties and characteristics suitable to replace current petroleum-based resins.

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Tristan Calayan

M.Sc. Graduate

Nicola Piccolo

M.Sc. Candidate

Alex Caschera

Research Assistant Graduate

Sidrah Rana

B.Sc. Graduate

Recent Publications

Biobased diisocyanates, and process for preparation of

2022 United States Patent 11,358,929
Robinson; Jason J, Moebus; Juri H., Calayan: Tristan, Sacripante; Guerino

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Poster Presentations by Rachele Carafa
Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition
Poster Presentations by Tristan Calayan
Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition
Biobased polymers from lignocellulosic sources
The ongoing threat of global warming has resulted in numerous attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and impede its ramifications. Replacing fossil fuels in products with renewable biobased materials is currently one approach to tackle the climate change crisis. Lignocellulose is the most abundant natural biomass source and is a potential candidate to replace the non-renewable resources currently made with petroleum-based products.