Contact Information

Alex Caschera

Research Assistant Graduate

After completing his BSc. in Chemistry with a Biology minor, Alex pursued his MSc. in Molecular Science under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Foucher. Tasked with developing, applying, and evaluating antimicrobial coatings against biofouling organisms, Alex contributed to 6 journal publications, 1 patent and many conference and symposium presentations. Originally focused on organic synthesis, he has developed many skills in numerous fields, including microbiology, UV coating applications, confocal and atomic force microscopy, biodegration analysis and polymer characterization. Under his new supervisor, Dr. Guerino Sacripante, Alex is excited to develop novel, high-performance sustainable polymers and to evaluate their biodegradation capabilities under industry standard conditions. Apart from learning and contributing to new scientific discoveries, Alex likes to tinker and build personal computers, assist in home improvement projects at parents’ and grandparents’ homes and to play virtual board games with his friends and colleagues.