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Biobased Polymers from Lignocellulosic Sources

Biobased Aqueous Polyurethane Dispersions

Degradability of Biobased Polyurethane

Investigations Into the Degradability of Biobased Polyurethane Foams with Bioactive Additives

Process Intensification of Thermoplastic Lignocellulose Production

Biobased compositions

Solvent-free modification of lignocellulosic wood pulp into a melt-flowable thermoplastic

Solvent-free production of thermoplastic lignocellulose from wood pulp by reactive extrusion

Low melt particles for surface finishing of 3D printed objects

Biobased diisocyanates, and process for preparation of same

Curable unsaturated crystalline polyester powder and methods of making the same

Transition metal complexes of monodentate 2-oxazolines containing longchain alkyl groups

Method of using a toner as a printable adhesive

Biomass Utilization Strategies for Applications in Novel Polymer and Polymer Resin Production

Sustainable Polyester Resins Derived from Rosins